After 5 Lux offers chić, sophisticated, and contemporary women's apparel but at an affordable price. We carry fashionable dresses, pants, sets, and coats, that push the boundaries on everyday fashion.

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Bubbly Boba

Refreshing bubble drinks with tapioca pearls. This mother and daughter team bring a taste of these exotic teas and drinks from Asia!

Cider Doughnuts

A taste of nostalgia for those who have experienced apple picking at an orchard. Their Apple Cider Doughnuts evoke these memories through their rich aroma, texture, and warm, fresh flavor.

Dina's Vegan Deli

Creating their favorite Philadelphia comfort foods, Dina’s Vegan Deli offers goods made from 100% plant-based healthy alternatives. Philly Cheesesteaks, Nachos, and Raw Vegan Snickers are available and made fresh in-house with Dina's "steak meat" and cheese whiz, serving as a healthy option for dinner.

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GROW combines nature and education to provide a curated portable urban gardening experience. A GROW Garden Box contains live succulents or herbs, organic planting materials, tools, a unique vessel, and instructions--everything you need to start a personal mini-garden.

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Oceana Coffee

Good coffee is crafted for you! Our focus is on small batch roasting of Specialty grade coffee. Our coffees are roasted to enhance and highlight the array of flavor possibilities and to reflect the hard work fo the farmers that we work with.

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OddFellows is a men's clothing and lifestyle brand that intends to serve the community by providing affordable and stylish options, both new and vintage, for the men in Downtown. We believe in superior customer service, value, and offering quality, environmentally-conscious products in an effort to address the evolving lifestyle needs of the male demographic.

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314 Clematis St.
West Palm Beach, FL 33401





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